What if I say goodbye - Benny Neyman & Toni Willé

No 200602
Artist Benny Neyman & Toni Willé
Title What if I say goodbye
  • Country
  • Ballad
  • Overige
Duration 03:28

What a good combination this was as a duo!
Benny Neyman and Toni Willé. (former singer of Pussycat)
Both coming from Limburg and released "What if I say goodbye" in 2001 on single and on their album "American Duets". This album was produced by Francis Goya and Martin Duiser. The original is by Vince Gill and was released on the CD "I never knew lonely" (1994).
This top song in the version by B. Neyman and Toni Willé should not be missing in your repertoire. A beautiful English waltz for dinner, wedding or just a classic song in between!
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