Who is Midifile:

In 2002 Midifile started producing midi files and orchestral tapes of an outstanding quality. Since, we have developed into an international business, working with musicians, producers ánd studio’s. We have grown to be a reliable address for many entertainers and artists.

Selection: broad and exclusive
Midifile has an extended variety of songs. Weekly new songs are added to our collection. All guaranteed Midifile-produced. Along with well-known as well as (for The Netherlands) less well-known songs, we offer exclusive possibilities to create personalized albums.
Do you want covers or re-mixes? Midifile delivers.


How does Midifile work:

In a few steps you can have access to our midi files and orchestral tapes.

1.    you have to register
2.    after completing your registration and logging in, you can add midi files or orchestral tapes to your shopping cart.
3.    complete the purchase process by finalizing your order.
here you can choose your payment method
1)  Ideal (only for Dutch account holders and real-time downloads)
2)  Paypal (credit card, payment by e-mail account, world wide and realtime downloads)
3)  Bank transfer (world wide. Takes at least 2 -3 working days, from abroad even longer)

* Through Ideal (only available for Dutch account holders) is real-time, meaning that – as soon as the payment procedure is completed, you will be redirected to the download page where the files are available to be downloaded  for 24 hours.
  * Bank transfer
A bank transfer usually takes 2 to 3 working days. Paying from abroad may even take 5 to 10 working days. As soon as we received your payment, we will activate your credits within 24 hours (working day). You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. After each payment the files will be available for the duration of 24 hours.

We do not give money back and it is not possible to exchange a product.
At the time of purchase, you waive your cooling-off period.
Make sure you know exactly which extension you need!

You did not receive an e-mail?
Please, check your account information and see to it that the details are entered correctly.
If you still don’t receive any e-mails, please check your spam box and mark our e-mail as ‘trusted’.


More about using midi files:

Midifile purchases are strictly personal to user. Rights are not transferable to any other party without the express written permission of Midiroom. Violation is punishable.

Making a back-up for personal use is allowed.

Altering speeds, pitches and possibly instruments for personal use is allowed.

Reselling or spreading data is NOT allowed.
Midi files and orchestral tapes are copyright-protected (intellectual property law) and it is forbidden to use midi files for cd or karaoke-purposes or similar productions or to arrange them for distribution.
Without written permission you will be in breach of the law.

In cases of improper use (e.g. copying) of midi files Midifile/Midiroom will take actions against the offender.
Midifile/Midiroom is not responsible for improper use of user’s accounts and passwords by third parties.

Copyright & improper use of our midi files and orchestral tapes.
Our data are protected by worldwide copyrights (intellectual property law).
Copying, renting, selling, exchanging, donating or distributing or offering our midi files/orchestral tapes in any possible way, is strictly forbidden. The rightful owner is entitled to make one personal safety copy. All copyright violations will have to be justified for the Court.
Using our data in presentations and/or demo’s, in any form (e.g. on websites), will require our express written permission. Furthermore, in principle it will be strictly forbidden to use our products (entirely, partly or in any other form) for commercials, karaoke, cd/dvd productions, orchestral tapes, ringtones or any other purposes.
On improper use (e.g. copying) of midi files/orchestral tapes, Midiroom will take appropriate measures.

More about catalogue numbers:

GM is General Midi
100101= catalogue number
Starting with ‘1’, means it is a ‘1’format

Catalogue numbers starting with ‘0’, means it is a ‘0’ format.

V stands for Vocalist.
The number is composed like explained above.


Midi extensions:
GM: General Midi 0 & 1 format
V_GM: General Midi incl. vocalist track (*)
TY2: Yamaha Tyros 2 in 1 format incl. vocalist track (if present)
TY3: Yamaha Tyros 3 in 1 format incl. vocalist track (if present)
TY4: Yamaha Tyros 4 in 1 format incl. vocalist track (if present)
TY5: Yamaha Tyros 5 in 1 format incl. vocalist track (if present)

*The vocalist track is standard on midi channel 16, intended for an external vocalist, e.g. de TC Helicom, Digitech Workstation, etc.
If you own a Tyros keyboard, you will be able to use the internal vocalist as well.

Audio extensies:
ST: Standaard audio orkestband (MP3 320 Kbps)

PDF: Songlyrics as an PDF file

Explanation GM:

GM consists of 128 sounds (instruments) and 8 drumkits that sound about the same on every GM-compatible device.
The sound quality depends on the quality of the hardware on wich you play the file (keyboard, synthesizer, pc soundcart etc.)

It may therefore be possible that a file played on a laptop sounds different than on a pc.

Our GM extensions are created on a Tyros 5 from Yamaha and are mixed on a Pianobox from Miditech

Explanation artist:

When the name Midiroom / "Artist" is filled within the field: artist,  this means that it is an cover that is based on the version of the artist who is mentioned.

Is there a guarentee on our products:

No, midi files are not guaranteed. Any technical issues can be reported by e-mail (within 24 hours after purchase). We  will try to solve any problem as soon as possible. There will be no discussion about played parts/versions.

Commercial use of a song title:

In case you want to use a (part of a) purchased midi file/orchestral tape for an audio production; or you want to turn a (part of a) midi file into an orchestral tape, written permission is required. In case of violation you will risk criminal prosecution.
These permissions are NOT FREE so always contact us!
In case you are granted permission for the above mentioned, this permission only extends to using the midi file/Midiroom products. You will still need permission from Buma Stemra or the subsequent publisher of the song in question.

Not all composers/authors are members of this organization. To prevent any unexpected problems, we advise you to ascertain this matter accurately.

An application for a written permission can be sent to:


Contact Midifile:

We can be reached by telephone on Tuesday to Thursday between 09.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 16.00 (local time)
You can reach us by email from Monday to Friday.

Telephone: 0031 (0) 492 323 121

Midifile / Midiroom
Erpseweg 22
5427 PG Boekel
The Netherlands

Midifile is registered at Chamber of Commerce Den Bosch 16080802
Tax number: 
Midifile is part of Midiroom