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Personal use
How to use the midi files
Versions of midi files and / or backing tracks
How to use orchestral tapes
What do we mean by personal use
Copyright and Abuse
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You buy only the personal use of our products!
The right of use without the express written permission of Midi Room not transferable.

How to use the midiifles:
It is allowed to back up data for their own use.
It also allows for tempos, tones and possibly change tools for their own use.

Versions of midi files and / or backing tracks
No, there is no guarantee on the midi files. If technical problems you can notify us by email. (Within 24 hours after purchase) EEE We try to resolve asap. (Over-oiled party / performances can not discuss.)

How to use backing tracks:
It is allowed to back up data for their own use.

What do we mean by personal use?
Own use means that the midi files / backing tracks for your performance at home and time!
All other possibilities are ruled out!

For the correct payments of rights / obligations to third parties if you are personally responsible licensee.
This also applies if written permission to duplicate our data / backing tracks.

You only buy the license for the midi files / backing tracks to use as stated above!
Are you midi files / backing tracks lost you can use this number only for a new license by re buying.
If the midi files / backing tracks copied during your performance then you are liable for negligence. There is no discussion about it!
If the midi files / backing tracks using stolen please a police report, report it to Midi File / Midi Room.
After this Midi File / Midi Room give you a new account with different encoding in your files and you will get relief if necessary. distributed midi files / backing tracks.
Can we demonstrate that these files were previously distributed as a police report, we will still be responsible for distributing / etc duplicate them.

Copyright and abuse of our midi files and backing tracks.
Our data is protected by worldwide copyright (intellectual property).
In particular, the copy, rent, sell, exchange, donate or otherwise distribute / deliver our midi files / backing tracks is strictly prohibited. The legitimate purchaser may copy a personal safety. Any infringement of copyright in court will be justified. Also for the use of data as a presentation and / or demos in any form whatsoever (eg on your website) is our prior express written permission. In addition, in principle forbidden to our products (whole, part or in any modified form) to be used for commercials, karaoke, CD and / or DVD productions, backing tracks, ringtones or other purposes.

With abuse (eg copies) of the midi files / backing tracks Midi Room will take action.
Midi File / Midi Room is not responsible for abuse of user accounts and passwords by third parties.

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